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Shop Management System

Sep 12, 2018

About Project

Shop management software is designed to increase efficiency and productivity in the office and on the shop floor, and contributes to key business initiatives by tracking detailed information such as status of quotes and orders, inventory levels, on-time delivery performance, employee efficiency, and work center capacity planning.

The Challenge

In today’s market, retailers and wholesale outlets should quickly adapt to the everchanging technology to minimize overhead, lower cost of operation, and help to stay competitive. Everybody needs software, which can facilitate store operations and make their day-to-day lives much easier.

The Solution

Simple and one click solution is developed. Solution can be extended with user requirements.

Project View

Database Connectivity Check

Login with security and one-time verification using email or mobile as user demand.

Real-data base connectivity check and let user know and registration very easy and quick.

Stock Management

Manage your stock on screen very easily. You don’t need to waste too much time.

Very easily add delete or update your stock and stock prices.

User Friendly

User-Friendly home page and one-click solutions.

Real-time change detection on the home page and current status.

Bill Generator

Scan QR/barcode using your mobile or QR scanner and go on no need to click bill will be added automatically.

You can select item manually and just press enter to add to the bill.

Real Time Alert

Receive the real-time alert when the product goes down from a minimum threshold.

Receive notification on email or mobile as well.

Support System

If you are facing any issue you can get support service within the software.

Lines of Code

Work Hours

Cup of Coffee


More Information

The Shop/Store Management System is software which can become the backbone for a billing and inventory system for small organizations. This software provides an uncomplicated system to run All stores. This application could be very useful to small organizations. This application is inspired from current pen and paper based store management systems. It will provide an easy and attractive interface so that the user can easily manage and utilize the application. Various other approaches were considered for this application. This application is designed in a way that it will only require a minimum amount of information from the user. The goal was to look for the minimum amount of information that will meet needed requirements.

  • Java
  • Desktop Application
  • MySql
  • Email Server SMTP
  • Graph APIs

Client :- Khan General Store

They provided me the software before the time frame and I was happy that software was beyond my expectations. I realy appreciate their effort.

Khalid Khan

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